Download MicroSpell Version 9.1h updated 11/21/04; size = 2.97 Mb; download time about 9 minutes at 56Kbps. This is a free upgrade for all registered users of version 9.xx. Release Notes
Important: First time users, please view the MicroSpell Getting Started topic while you wait for the software to download.
  System Requirements  
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
  • 6 Mb free disk space
  • Internet browser (for help) 
  • Net connection not required 

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What Do I Get?

The link above enables you to download a full working version of MicroSpell. (To be completely accurate, a bonus feature that enables the speller to automatically learn and correct your misspellings is disabled until you register. This is an incentive and a thank-you for registering.)

This copy of the speller is free, but if you use it in your business or profession, we request that you register and pay the suggested fee. Contributions from all other users are encouraged and welcomed. You can set the amount on the registration page.

If you want to learn more about MicroSpell, go to the features page. If you already have a copy of MicroSpell, check the Release Notes for the current version to help decide whether you want to update. (If you've registered version 9.x, your update is free.)

Will Installing MicroSpell Mess Up Windows?

No. MicroSpell does not add to, overwrite, delete, change, or otherwise affect any of your Windows system DLLs so it will not break Windows or any other applications that rely on these DLLs.

MicroSpell does not register any "file associations" so it will not "take over" the function of another application that you might have already installed. (An installation option lets you place MicroSpell on the right mouse button "Send To" menu, so you can easily send any file to the speller.) Finally, MicroSpell does not display advertising or install any "spyware" software on your system. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

If you decide not to continue using MicroSpell, you can easily remove it using the accompanying "uninstall" program.

What Happens when I Download MicroSpell?

When you click the "Download MicroSpell" link above, your browser will probably inform you that it is downloading a file and offer you a chance to tell it where to put it. You may put it in any convenient directory (folder) on any of your disks (the speller will not be decompressed or installed here). Once the download is complete, you should have a file named ms-inst.exe in the directory you specified.

In Windows Explorer, double-click on ms-inst.exe to run the MicroSpell installation program. This program will install the speller and, optionally, run it when finished. The installer will offer to put MicroSpell in a standard "Program Files" directory, but you can override this if you prefer. Once MicroSpell is installed, you no longer need ms-inst.exe so you may delete it to recover the space.

Should I Uninstall the Old Version if I'm Updating MicroSpell?

In general, no. You can install the new version in the same location as the old version and only the files that need to be updated will be replaced. Most of your customizations should remain intact. The install program does not overwrite dictionary files, so any changes you made should be preserved. (On the other hand, if you want to install the current versions of any or all of the dictionaries, delete the existing ones first and they will be replaced.)

If you elect to uninstall MicroSpell and you have made changes to any dictionaries that you want to preserve, you must be careful. Read the Installing/Uninstalling MicroSpell help topic for more information. Better still, move any dictionaries that you have modified to a directory outside of MicroSpell's directories so the uninstaller cannot touch them.

Last updated 23 Mar 2005