Privacy Policy

What data do we collect?

When you visit our web site, our web host logs each page that you request. These logs enable us to compile statistics relating to site usage. This logging is not unique to Trigram Systems. It is probably a safe bet that nearly all of the Internet sites you visit maintain similar logs.

A log entry contains your IP (Internet Protocol) address which is a unique number that identifies your computer on the Internet and enables us to send the information you requested. This IP address does not reveal any private information (such as your email address) to us. The log entry also contains the date and time of the request, the page requested, the referring URL (often), the browser, and the operating system.

We do not collect any other data automatically. We do not store any other data that you might provide on our web site.

If you give us your email address:

Some of the forms on this site request an email address. This is always optional unless we need to send you a reply. If you choose to provide your email address, you can specify that we not place you on our mailing list. If you allow us to place you on our mailing list, we will only send you information that is directly related to our software. We do not sell our list, nor do we forward third-party email. If you ever want to get off the list, you can easily do so.

How your credit card information is handled:

The most convenient way to register our software is via the online registration form. The second page of this form requests your credit card data. This information is transmitted via a secure connection directly to the service that authorizes your transaction. If you use this form, we (Trigram Systems) never even see your credit card data. Instead, we receive notification of your transaction with the credit card data replaced by a simple "Approved" or "Denied" field.

What about "cookies"?

We do not place cookies on your computer, nor do we attempt to use cookies placed by others.

Does the MicroSpell software collect data on its users?

Absolutely not. It neither contains or installs "spyware" that occasionally accompanies other software. It does not contain any mechanism for connecting to the outside world except by launching a browser and downloading a web page. It does not display ads. Some MicroSpell commands (e.g. "Web Lookup") and links from this site take you to web sites that are not connected with Trigram Systems; obviously this privacy policy does not apply at those sites.

Last updated 22 January 2001