[MicroSpell Spell Checker]
[MicroSpell Spell Checker]

for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP

Checks HTML, TeX/LaTeX, RTF, and ASCII (plain text)
Hotkey spell checking in WordPad, Notepad, Email, browsers, etc.

Online spell checker based on MicroSpell—try it now!

Choose Your User Interface MicroSpell gives you two complete spell checking interfaces:
  • for simplicity, choose the familiar one-word-at-a-time approach.
  • for greatest productivity, choose our list-based approach to minimize the number of suspects you deal with. This is ideal when there are many suspects.
Plus, you don't have to select either one exclusively: take advantage of the strengths of both by switching anytime.

Our users comment: "I won't claim to have tried all the nt spellers, but this one is a keeper. The price is trivial compared to the time this speller saves." -Usenet post  

Hotkey, Clipboard, Drag&Drop Spell Checking Check text in other applications, in files, or on the Windows Clipboard:
  • Press a user definable hotkey to check text in WordPad, NotePad, your browser screen, email program, Windows edit boxes, and many other programs.
  • Click the "Check Clipboard" icon to instantly correct the text on the Windows Clipboard.
  • Drag one or more files from Windows Explorer or "Find Files" and drop them on the spell checker.
These are not your only options; there are more than ten ways of opening files or acquiring text.

Our users comment: "...here quickly is one that works well with NTP et al., and is one that I thoroughly recommend. http://www.microspell.com A quite novel approach to spellchecking in my experience. Love at first sight here anyway, and enduring appeal. Very visual." -eGroups post  

Works with HTML, TeX, LaTeX, RTF, and Plain Text Automatically recognizes and adjusts to the document you are checking:
  • Ignores or checks HTML tags, TeX/LaTeX commands, HTML or TeX comments, TeX command arguments (user definable), and TeX environments (user definable).
  • Colors ignored text so you can see exactly what's being checked.
  • Spell check your entire web site (without manually opening all of the files) by following the links.
  • Automatically opens and checks "included" TeX documents, if desired.
  • Spell checks "alt" text contained within certain HTML tags while ignoring other tag data.
You can set many of the spell checker options independently for HTML, TeX/LaTeX, RTF, and ASCII (plain text).

Our users comment: "One [of the] most-innovative spelling apps I tried recently is Microspell. Great for large sprawling .html or txt projects that need checking." -Usenet post  

Web Lookup Get definitions, synonyms, and spelling help via the Internet:
  • Click MicroSpell's Web Lookup icon and choose one of the preset web sites to look up the definition of any word.
  • Add your own sites to our list which includes Merriam Webster, Dictionary.com, and Microsoft Encarta.
  • Can easily look up the current suspect, a word from the Clipboard, or a word you type in. An install option lets you place a shortcut to the Web Lookup dialog directly on your Start menu.

Our users comment: "I installed the update, and at first glance you have hit the bull's eye. The one-at-a-time window allows a simple UI, without losing the power of MS. Great!" -Via email  

Spelling Assistance Get intelligent suggestions for all suspects automatically, plus:
  • Color shows when unknown words can be split into known words or formed by adding prefixes and/or suffixes to known words. Examples: "Batmobile", "CButtonMenu", and "productized".
  • A colored highlight shows where the suspect differs from the best guess so you can immediately focus on the problem.
  • Tool tip lookup: point to a word or part of a word and see all matching words and sub-words plus any expansions in a pop-up tool tip.
  • Wildcard lookup lets you view all words matching a pattern that includes the ? and * wildcard characters.

Our users comment: "Thanks for your efforts! Great product! With tools like this, working is almost fun!" -Via email  

Multiple Dictionaries, Drag&Drop Saves, Unlimited Editing Enjoy complete freedom to use, edit, and create multiple dictionaries:
  • Includes multiple English dictionaries. Open them in any combination to recognize from 83,000 to more than 200,000 words.
  • Merge, add to, or remove words from user dictionaries via drag-and-drop.
  • Automatically created document and location-specific dictionaries ensure that you don't have to respond to the same suspects repeatedly.
  • Can import Ispell word lists to create non-English dictionaries.

Our users comment: "Obtaining the Ispell dictionary and importing into Microspell was painless. Your documentation is excellent. [...] You have an excellent product." -Via email  

Changing Things We've set reasonable defaults for everything, but you're not locked into them:
  • Set the typeface and size of the fonts to ease visual spell checking.
  • Change most colors to simplify the presentation or reveal more information.
  • Control which non-letter characters are included within suspect words.
  • Set the fussiness level from "lax" for informal writing (e.g. email) to "picky" for important documents.
This is just a sample of the many speller settings you can change.

Our users comment: "I know that I'm probably not the only one to wonder if there isn't a good independent spell checker out there for the PC, and here it is! You are providing it!" -Via email  

Much More Unlimited undo, auto-correction, capitalization adjustment, plus:
  • Can easily spell check a large group of files without opening them one-by-one.
  • Auto-accept URLs, email addresses, file names, etc. You control and can see what's accepted.
  • When there are many suspects, filtering commands save time by grouping related suspects (such as all "words" containing underscores) so you can deal with them as a single unit.
  • Can detect and correct sentences ending with a double period.
  • Can integrate with the Epsilon and Emacs programmer's editors.
  • Installation is fast and simple. Installer does not replace Windows system files or change file associations, so it will not adversely affect other software.
Yes, there's more! See our Features page for details.

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