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Must I register?
This version of MicroSpell will continue to work, even after the "expiration" date, so you will not be forced to register. If you use the speller in your business or profession, we request that you register for $29.

If you're a student or unemployed, you don't have to register. But if you have a job or other source of income, a contribution would be truly appreciated. (We do not sell ads or any personal data; your direct support is our only income.)

In any case, registering will disable the "nag" dialog and enable an extra feature (see Help | Registration Info on the MicroSpell main menu).

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Use this option to register a single copy for business or professional use at $29.00 USD (or see quantity discount form).

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PA residents, check here so we can pay sales tax

What happens when you click one of the "Register Now" buttons: When you click either of the "Register Now" buttons above, you will connected to PayPal via a secure connection. You enter your PayPal or credit card data on the PayPal form. (You do not need to have a PayPal account; a major credit card is sufficient.) After your data is verified and you approve the transaction, you will receive an email receipt from PayPal and an Activation Key from us.

We (Trigram Systems) never get any of your financial data; PayPal simply tells us whether your transaction has been approved or not, and credits our account if it has been. We use your email address only to send your Activation Key; you will never receive spam from us.


Last updated 20 Dec 2006