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Getting Started
Getting Started Start here if you haven't used this version of MicroSpell before.
How To: Step-by-Step Instructions for performing some common tasks. We recommend that everyone read the Simple and Efficient Spell Checking section of this topic.
Overview An introduction to MicroSpell—basic stuff about opening, spell checking, and saving documents.
Spell Check Dialog Lets you check your document one-word-at-a-time. More intuitive but less efficient than using the Inbox (below).
Main Edit Window Displays your document and contains a toolbar and menu commands for opening and saving documents, spell checking, setting fonts, colors, and other preferences.
Inbox Wherein you can review all of the suspects at once and correct the misspellings. More efficient than using the Spell Check dialog, especially when there are many suspects.
Outbox Which shows a history of your Inbox and Spell Check dialog actions for follow-up commands, review, and undo.
Document List Dialog Which holds a list of documents to be checked, or which have been checked. Shows word counts and other statistics for checked documents. See also: Add Files to Document List Dialog
Replace/Lookup Dialog Enables you to look up any word in MicroSpell's dictionaries or via the web, obtain additional guesses, correct misspellings, create auto-corrections, save any word in any user dictionary, edit words before saving them, find out which dictionary contains a particular word and (optionally) jump there for editing, easily adjust the capitalization of words (for correction and disambiguating certain letters).
Dictionaries Dialog Where you drag-and-drop words to save them, or open, close, edit, add, remove, merge, and create new dictionaries. See also: New Dictionary dialog and Dictionary View/Edit dialog.
Hotkey Spell Checking Whereby MicroSpell "grabs" text from another application, corrects it, and returns it to the source.
Problems, Tips, and Techniques Advice for using MicroSpell effectively and solving some common problems.
Mode-Specific Preferences Preference settings for each of the document types (ASCII, TeX, RTF, HTML) that MicroSpell works with. See also: Speller Modes and Text Formats.
General Preferences Preference settings for nearly all options (except colors and fonts) that do not vary with the type of document (ASCII, TeX, RTF, HTML) you are checking. See also: Set Colors dialog.
Release Notes For the installed version of MicroSpell. See also Release History and Release Notes for the newest version (requires web access).
Installation Notes about updating and uninstalling MicroSpell.
Web Site MicroSpell home page (www.microspell.com).
Full Text Search Use Help|Search from MicroSpell's main window.